Moving Mattresses in General

While you may surely be more inventive with your mattress moving methods, here are some recommendations for effective mattress shifting methods. For further information, please visit

Equipment That Is Beneficial When Moving a Mattress

When learning how to transfer a mattress, a few key elements may help make the procedure go more smoothly. The following equipment may be beneficial:

  • Slings or ropes
  • Tape \Scissors
  • Wrapped in bubble wrap
  • Mattress covering and bag
  • Carriage or trolley
  • Blankets in motion

1. Cover it with a cloth

Even if you cover your mattress with sheets, you want to ensure that it remains clean. Moving is inherently dirty, and you don’t want to stain or destroy your mattress.

During the moving process, the top and edges of the mattresses are sure to appear in touch with stairwells, floors, exterior ground, or the interior of your moving van or truck. Before you begin, remove all of your bed’s linens, pillows, and toppers, and then cover your mattress in plastic wrap or a mattress bag. This will shield your mattress from damage throughout the relocation.

If this is the first time you’ve wrapped a mattress, here’s a brief explanation of the process:

Take off all of the sheets, toppers, and pads that are currently on your mattress.

Wrap the entire bundle with tape once completed to prevent the bag or material from sliding off.

2. Fold your mattress in half.

Folding your mattress makes it easy to move with just one person, even more so if you’re transferring a bigger mattress, such as a queen, king, or California king. Indeed, folding is one of the most effective suggestions we can provide you for moving a king-size mattress. By folding it, you may minimize its height and width, making it less fragile.

Folding a mattress is likely to work only if you have an all-foam mattress between medium and thin in thickness (8-11″). We do not suggest attempting to fold a thicker or coil-filled mattress. You risk damaging your mattress and nullifying the guarantee.

3.This is how to fold a mattress

It should be bent widthwise, not height-wise.

Keep the side of the mattress about which you sleep facing inward to prevent it from becoming filthy.

Ascertain that the top and bottom of the mattress foundation are in contact.

When you’re unable to fold your mattress, consider strengthening it with a piece of cardboard. Straps or ratchet tie-downs must be used to secure the mattress to cardboard, preventing it from flopping about as you move.

4. From the knees, lift

To protect yourself and avoid injuring your back, avoid lifting anything heavy, including the mattress, with your back. To ensure proper technique, avoid leaning forward when lifting. Instead, stoop down and pick up the mattress with your hips and knees bent, keeping it as close to your body as possible, and then straighten your legs to raise. Additionally, avoid carrying anything heavy beyond the level of your shoulders and avoid twisting or rotating your body while lifting or holding a large object.

From the United States National Library of Medicine, here are some short recommendations on how to lift from the knees:

  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart to provide a broad support foundation.
  • Approach the thing you are lifting as closely as possible.
  • Bend at the knees; avoid bending at the waist or using your back.
  • As you raise, contract your abdominal muscles or core.
  • Lift the item slowly, utilizing the hip and knee muscles.
  • Avoid bending forward when you raise the item.
  • Carry the thing as close to your body as possible.
  • Take care not to twist your back when lifting or to carry an object.
  • Squat to place the item, utilize the muscles in your knees and hips, and maintain a straight back.

5. Make your way to your vehicle with your mattress.

After folding or reinforcing, and covering your mattress, you may transport it to your car. The simplest method to accomplish this is with the assistance of another person. If you cannot recruit assistance, consider purchasing a dolly—numerous moving firms, such as UHaul, and home goods retailers rent dollys. Make a route for your mattress and carefully move it to your vehicle. Additionally, you may require the rental of a bigger vehicle to move your mattress. Again, moving firms and home improvement retailers frequently rent huge trucks.